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December 26, 2004



Outsourcing. Foreign student enrollment down 30%. People are going to Europe and other places instead. Cutting NSF funding and college grants. The rest of the world recently caught up to American institutions in terms of Scientific output. Widespread anti-americanism. These are not good long term signs. Where is our competitive advantage?


"Cutting NSF funding and college grants."

See here.
Do you work at the Times?

Appalled Moderate


It's a sign of something in that you are making better arguments than the NYT columnist.

The EU shares too many of the same problems as the US, is in steep demographic decline, and lurches from a Pat Buchanan-like approach to immigration to a George Wallace-like disregard of its minorites. They are not about to become our replacement, because they are unwilling to deal with their demographic time bomb.

If I were to worry, it would be about China, who owns way too much of our debt, and India, which has a history of coping with minorities, and does not currently suffer from the demographic issues that even China is facing.


If Fred Kaplan is a "national security" columnist, then he aught to stick to his "expertise." He's veered off onto all sorts of economic shibboleths that are barely worth slogging through, much less wasting time Fisking.

Tom, I'd say don't worry about getting around to reading it, it isn't worth wasting the time.

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