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January 26, 2005


Paul Zrimsek

I'm reminded of how in The Day After Tomorrow the whole catastrophe could have been averted if only they'd listened to the warning Dennis Quaid gave them just a few days beforehand. Or perhaps the old Onion piece where the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists accidentally sets the Doomsday Clock to a few minutes after midnight.

J. Peden

It is reassuring that over this decade or so of intense and feverish scientific endeavors no evidence of a beneficial effect of global warming has ever been uncovered. So we must be on the right track.

At the same time the protocol shows great balance in regard to not saying anything about nuclear, but rather letting nature take its course in this instance. It gives me a great glow inside.

Greg F

The zealots must sense time is running out on the global warming gravy train. 9/11 effectively pushed the environmental Malthusians off the front page, muffling their megaphone. They do what all good Malthusians do, make it scarier. The famous hockey stick has been compromised. As well, the economic assumptions have been shown to be pure fantasy. The climate models have never worked and the predicted lower Troposphere warming has failed to materialize. In spite of the reports statement, “While no amount of climate change is safe…”, climate has always changed. It changed before man existed and will change long after were gone. The report is garbage.

Pat Curley

Tom, spend a little time looking into the folks behind the ICCT report and you won't be quite as impressed. The Center for American Progress is a liberal lobbying group founded by John Podesta. Among their fellows are Eric Alterman, Gene Sperling and Ruy Texeira. In short, the ICCT report is a political document, not a scientific one.

The omission of any serious discussion of nuclear power is a red flag; instead they drone on about biomass and solar power, technologies that may show some promise but are not quite ready for prime time (curious given the "deadline" that is the focus of the report).


Pat, I was betrayed by my clumsy grammar. (No relation to Kelsey Grammer). My thought was that I was more impressed by the CBO effort than Tim was by the political attack group's effort.


The nuclear thing is a dead giveaway that the authors are interested in political coalition-building rather than scientific inquiry.

The Kid

"(N)o evidence of a beneficial effect of global warming has ever been uncovered.??????

Tell that to the folks in Minnesota, Michigan, the Dakotas and Montana, not to mention Canuckistan. How about a longer growing season in the northern climes, or less snow over a shorter period? We’re talking Norway, breadbasket of Europe, no? Ever been to Duluth on the 4th of July? Hint: take a sweater.

Better yet, come to Wisconsin in January and smell our dairy air.

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