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January 02, 2005



There seems to be something noteworthy here. Something about the comparative level of discourse, and the detail brought forward, on blogs such as this one, Kevin Drum's, and so many others in light of this WaPo column, AARP and our politicos.

I'm just not sure what it is. Hmmmm ....


It is almost like we are having a civil discussion of a fairly complicated issue. Well, let's not get used to it.


I am 58, "retired" and an AARP member. However, they do not speak for me. I am cancelling my membership. We do need to do something. I am in favor of the private ownership idea, needs some work. I am glad that there MAY be a discussion of the issues. 'If your not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem'.

Mike N

I had a membership in AARP once too but I let it expire and won't re-join. It seems to me that they consider any and all new and different ideas as a threat to their status quo. This "don't rock the Boat" attitude cannot be in the best interests of seniors.


Wow, the dems are setting themselves up to get steam rolled, I'm shocked. At least in terms of blogging discussions, the SS debate should be much more interesting when some hard details are released. Its a much more wonky issue, and maybe, not as bitter as other issues, yet.


The Dems are going to get rolled on this one. All Repsu have to do is remind Voters Congress and Fed Employees have something akin to what is going to be offering.

Then ask Why it is good for them and not for you?


Private accounts are just the sugar to get younger workers (like me) to take the medicine of lowered benefits... which we will already be looking at in the future, whether we get higher payroll taxes or not. And by lower benefits, I mean a lower replacement ratio (that is, a lower amount compared to one's pre-retirement income) -- the absolute amounts will be larger, but go try to see a movie, with drink and popcorn for a quarter now. Just comparing absolute sustainable benefits is misleading.

Another aspect of the privatizing plan is to get people to realizing they can't depend on Social Security for retirement income. I just read some stats on the %age of people who do some really dumb moves: those start taking SS bens at age 62 (argh! Only if you're going to die relatively young! Like before you turn 70!); and those who save up almost nothing for retirement.

When one sees what the average =current= Social Security paycheck is - which should be trumpeted more at younger ages - one will see that SS alone won't give you very much, even at current "generous" levels.


Times editorial from today on SS seems good to me. More "fuzzy math". Surprise, Surprise.


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