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January 21, 2005


Jim Glass

The original Scrappleface story on this has been topped by reality.

Larry Summers, weeny sissy-boy beat up by girls.

He should have stayed in Washington and kept picking on those he could handle: the economies of third-world nations and Republicans.

A little success there went right to his head and he thought he could handle the university PC squads.

Hubris. Let it be a lesson to us all.

Cecil Turner

"I was wrong to have spoken in a way that was an unintended signal of discouragement . . ."

I wonder if he loves Big Brother (Sister?) yet.

Paul Zrimsek

Alternative if somewhat obscure title for this post: "Creative Reply of a Soviet Artist to Just Criticism".

Patrick R. Sullivan

"The notion that half the population may not be up to the task..."

So, this idiot--from the University of Washington, where they know much of idiocy--thinks that half the population IS up to the task of, say, rocket science?


Immediately he made those comments, I knew the pressure would come and he would recant. I even told my daughter, "It'd be better not to make such comments, than to make them and be forced into apologizing." There is lots out there in the press about how his original comments weren't outrageous at all. Go to realclearpolitics.com and look at the January 23 postings, for a start.

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