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January 03, 2005


Patrick R. Sullivan

And the Times also just called for increases in the size of the army and Marine Corps. Guess they want to pay for it by cutting spending elsewhere.

Ken Houghton

We can easily pay for more troops by cutting back the budget for the MDI (i.e., stretch it out over more years, since it's well behind schedule as is). The Pentagon picked out several programmes a few days ago that would more than compensate for the needed troops.

Apparently, Scrivener believes that not being able to pay to build and maintain infrastructure is a good thing.

And you need to look at the costs of living in Connecticut, which for many years inflated the costs of its services to compensate for lack of a state income tax. (Now that it has a tax, we can wait patiently for reduction in those costs. Be VERY patient, using the CA tuition/fees precedent while forming your expectations.)

Jim Glass

Oh, *if only* New York's politicians spent the money that runs through their hands on infrastructure.


On the topic of attacking tax breaks for the selective rich, does anyone know if the tax break that gives celebrities (i.e. movie stars and jocks) an exemption from the $1 million a year CEO tax still exists ?
It was fodder during Clinton first term.


Local and state taxes shouldn't be deducted from your income before paying federal taxes --- this is controversial? Even the communists at reason admit they don't want to live in the free-market third-world paradise that is Alabama. All we are doing is yet AGAIN, is trying to steal more money from states that actually make money and give it to welfare queens in Kentucky. And of course, no discussion of "our rich" and "there rich" would be complete, w/o looking at 2004 exit polls by income, and looking at the richs' voting patterns in blue and red states.


So now it comes to this... penalizing those who achieve. The idea of build a successful business and (ideally) live the good life IS the American dream. No thanks. What incentive do achievers have if giant hands will be stabbing constantly down their pockets? These are the people who make it ('it' = anything) happen, the ones who hire (employees and lobbyists) and make the economy run. Alienating them will lead to an outgoing brain-drain, inasmuch as our standard of living created a brain drain for much of the 20th century on the rest of the world.


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