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February 01, 2005



Garton Ash may be more famous, but the bloggers at Harry's Place -- left-wing and pro-war Brits, mostly -- have been deftly boring in on this paradox for many months. I suspect they've made a number of their lefty comrades feel shameful (to the extent that such people experience shame).

Brad Reed

As a "lefty," I tend to agree with George. The prospect of democracy in Iraq is too promising to let partisan squabbling get in the way. I think it's *shameful* for progressive people to be *depressed* about Iraqi elections- Jesus, it's what we're supposed to be for...

Van Helsing

Europe faced a similar dilemma after the tsunami, while they watched the hated US and close ally Australia getting help to people that needed it while Eurocrats and the UN dithered. It can't be fun, being a leftist these days.

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