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February 14, 2005


Max Sawicky

Just don't be posting any pictures of yourself in your skivvies.

Mick Wright

What is happening at the Times?

Not sure, but I can tell you a bit about what's going on in the mind of the person in charge. Here are notes I took last month during a speech by Janet Robinson, President and CEO of the New York Times Co., on trends in the media.

Bascially, the Times imagines an ideal world in which information is shared around the globe in real time. Of course, we already have that, in the form of blogs. So the amendment to that, as we see here, is that the Times wants to edit and filter the blogs for the public. Which is what they're doing, or trying to do.


Just don't be posting any pictures of yourself in your skivvies.

Darn, two hours of Photoshop, wasted. And Howard, Chris and I were looking pretty good together, too.


We love this game. Now, the NY Times changes the headline.




Given the "right wing mob," one is left to wonder exactly where the political center resides, given that Frank and Dodd seem to now live on the "right."


Dodd's a Democrat? It's hard to tell the parties apart in New England.


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