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February 12, 2005


Patrick R. Sullivan

Darn, where's Arthur Miller to update 'The Crucible' when you need him.

Well, maybe one of those three CBS guys who are supposed to resign can get Eason's old job.


Lots of links and commentary by Jeff Jarvis.


(One more cameo) I think Drum gets its about right.

Cecil Turner

"I think Drum gets its about right."

I think he soft-pedaled some of the journalistic lapses. Gilligan, for example, had a pattern of calling government statements into question (perhaps the most famous being the Baghdad Airport bit), and Eason Jordan's latest lapse reinforced his history of Saddam appeasement. But I think he got the bottom line spot-on:

And one more thing: it might be time for liberals to realize that even if we manage to collect a few scalps of our own along the way, conservatives gain strength from promoting this brand of warfare far more than liberals do. I hope we're not just being useful idiots by joining in this game.
The obvious reason, of course, is that it's more of a target-rich environment for those hunting liberal journalists.

And damn, Jor, that makes at least three sensible comments in a string (complete with useful links). The dissenting viewpoint is particularly welcome. Kick yer shoes off, set a spell.


I missed it, but I'm positive the infamous, "Calls to Mr. Eason for comment were not returned..." must have been in the article somewhere! That's just basic journalism, isn't it?

Ohh! Never mind... I think I answered my own question.

Jack Buttram

For about three years I've been writing one-minute commentaries for radio stations in NC/SC -- I posted one on "the dog that didn't bark" on 2/9 and had another ready to go on 2/14 asking when the MSM was going to wake up.... only to have my subject quit after filing time on Friday...

So... here I am Sunday evening getting a substitute out for Monday 2/14 --


ãJebcoinc. (Prepared for air on 02-14-05)


Just a minute – "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS" read a factory poster in World War II. CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan found that out Friday amidst a furor generated by remarks he made in Davos Switzerland last month about journalists he said the U.S. military in Iraq had tortured or killed.
We said on February ninth it was the "dog that didn’t bark" because mainstream media remained silent about Jordan.
When "the dog finally barked" Jordan backed off his ‘loose lipped’ pronouncement and excused himself saying he was quitting to avoid CNN being unfairly tarnished. But he had a previous record of being in effect a ‘loose cannon.’ He added in an internal memo he never believed journalists were killed with "ill-intent."
Those witnesses both in Switzerland and Portugal won’t let him off the hook that easy. People aren’t tortured without ill-intent. Jordan is just the most recent target of the "blogosphere," who hit the dirt after playing loose with the truth. Ask Dan Rather, Jayson Blair or for that matter – John Kerry.
¨ I’m Jack Buttram


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Glad to find this blog... enjoyed all the comments.


Jack Tanner

'journalistic tempest '

'he appeared to suggest that United States troops had deliberately aimed at journalists, killing some.'

I'll throw on my snide MSM voice - 'Like everybody didn't know that anyway'

Jane Small

Journalists have to be thickskinned and they also have to give the news like it is but with a touch of subtlety. That requires quick thinking and not only having the vocabulary but knowing how to use it effectively. Eason Jordan has that ability but when You become an icon - well you better be with it every second. There is always someone out there who wants to upend you. Eason Jordan was the one who made it possible for CNN to say they are the best. And I believe it is beginning to show they need him to keep up that reputation.


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