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February 26, 2005





Good point - now that he is a private citizen, that should be "Semi-Colon".

I hate my spell-check.

Anyway, after the quick corretion, this will be our little secret.

Cecil Turner

An interesting article, but it seemed to sidestep the main issue. Sec Powell is reportedly unhappy with the public WMD information (and specifically with squandering his credibility over the stockpile intelligence), but the article never addresses the root WMD case. It covers 1441, and Saddam's obvious failure to comply, but the underlying case, and threat, isn't substantially addressed. This bit seems simultaneously to make the case that WMD was the central issue, and the intelligence flaws invalidated it:

Not really, says Powell, because the two were linked. President Clinton and Congress had a policy of regime change, but when Clinton's Operation Desert Fox bombed Iraq for four days in December 1998, it was because of WMD. "It was intelligence over those years, including your own secret intelligence service [MI6], which said Saddam had WMD."
I'd like to see the unedited transcript, but in any case, Sec Powell comes off rather well.

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