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March 12, 2005


Jeff Westfahl

Oh...video games, right. That's what I thought you were talking about all along.


Now, make sure you read the article. It improves performance on certain visual tasks, but not necessarily visual acuity. And there's a good chance it will also make you stupid. ;)


Allow me to say as an airline guy flying worldwide etc, the maxims we learned as kids are all hosed up. Doing your homework as a kid while listening to tunes or watching TV, instead of being detrimental actually had some positive value for us international pilot guys. We gained experience in being able to read books or Playboys, plus being able to listen to HF radio Australia or the VOA or the BBC, all at the same time as we were able to discern when Japanese or Chinese ATC was giving us vectors or descent instructions. However, if we're talking the French, negative. Those dispicable creeps are so crappy in the ATC arena, you actually got to put down your extraneous input and pay attention, 'cause they are so miserable at what they do. I doubt this added to the conversation, but what the hell, I'm playing a video game.


I doubt this added to the conversation, but what the hell, I'm playing a video game.

LOL. Frankly, I am not sure how one might *subtract* from this conversation, but that is entirely my own fault.


Pilots use more of their visual field without having to move their eyes than most people. Is there any association between successful piloting and ADD? I'm of the belief that Attention Deficit Disorder has some survival value, possibly in battle, or arenas where easy distractibility might be useful, like scanning the skies, or being able to respond to unexpected stimuli from 360 degrees in 3 axes.

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