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March 15, 2005


Glenn Reynolds

In my case, it took 'em eight years. But Tom Maguire wasn't on the case!


LOL. Ok, so I will start anticipate a correction in, say, 2014.


Look, if President Nixon can send John Kerry into Cambodia in 1968, then President Bush can rebuke Trent Lott in 2000.

creepy dude

A typo? Puh-leez-here's alittle more relevant gotcha:

"I have not laid out a plan yet, intentionally." --George W. Bush, 3/16/05


"President Bush's plan allows you to make a decision to put your money in a different kind of prudent investment, with the potential for receiving higher pay-outs." --White House press release, "Fact Sheet: Setting the Record Straight," 2/3/05

"Hat tip" Brad Delong

creepy dude

btw what is tomorrow's city on the 60 day tour? Is that ghastly parade still rolling?

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