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March 17, 2005


Confederate Yankee


I told everyone that Jeff Gannon was a real journalist. Bumiller just reinforces that Gannon was typical of the kind of partisanship you find in the White House Press Corps.

Lurking Observer

Confederate Yankee:

How can you say that? Gannon was lobbing softballs at the Administration. He can't possibly be a journalist!


Another reporter asking baised questions at the White House? Time to give her the fully DailyKos treatment: Is she gay? Any pictures on the Internet? What does she do with her free time? What's her personal life like?

Given the DailyKos's precedent, we can now pry into her private life, and if she is gay, we can gay-bash her right out of her job.


creepy dude

Hey Al-DailyKos guy here-go for it! We need more lesbian photos om the internet. Seriously. Never enough.

Meantime-back in the real world:

(from the AP wire)

"The Senate voted today to strip all proposed Medicaid cuts from the $2.6 trillion budget for next year...

The amendment, whose chief sponsor was moderate Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore...

With elections next year, Gregg [who proposed the reductions] predicted the vote meant there would be no serious effort to squeeze savings from benefit programs for many years. ...

"And it's being done by Republicans," Gregg said. "You just have to ask yourself, how they get up in the morning and look in the mirror?"

Senator Gregg needs to hang out on DailyKos more often. We ponder that question every single day!


You may also remember Bumiller asked Democratic primary candidates whether they thought "God was on America's side."

So as a liberal, she embarrasses me too. She's hereby kicked out of the Satanic MSM Liberal Death Star Cult (SMSMLDSC for short).


Good job, B.R.; here is a relevant link.

However, folks may have forgotten that she had a ludicrous anti-Bush slant in that question as well.

Here we catch Ms. Bumiller falling off the right side of her bicycle, as it were.


great minds think alike, Tom.

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