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March 16, 2005


Mark LaRochelle

That's Okrent, not Okretn.


Well, I guess "Oprah" is out, too.

Dave Schuler

Are there any prominent Democrats other than Joe Lieberman who fits those criteria? This is not a rhetorical question—I'm asking because I want to know.


TM, or someone? Please explain the importance or rationale behind the trend line for abortions. I don't get it. (Though abortion has never been a defining issue for me, maybe I'm just behind the nuance curve.)

Also, shouldn't Kristof be aware of the soundbite phraseology of abortion politics because I don't think someone characterized as pro-choice--NARAL terminology for pro-abortion--can also be characterized as anti-abotion, as pro-life is the preferred terminology for those on the other side of the issue. (Again, maybe it's nuance, but I've never been impressed by any nuance in abortion politics.)




I'd email Okrent but the last time I did so I was just so overcome with ennui, from having emailed the guy so many times over the past year, that I hardly bothered at all.

I think I wrote: "Article, disgusting, outrage, ashamed, reform or die, goodbye."

It somehow seems to capture the essence of this seemingly pointless exercise, I wonder if Okrent actually reads his email, without actually requiring effort.


Why not ask the question of why had the data not been updated for 5 years? It use to be updated annually.

Jack Tanner

I'm always a little confused about the stance on abortion that it's a morally neutral choice but that an increase is bad. I thought the problem was access leading to a decrease in abortions? Or is that a problem too?


Spencer - I have no idea what the hold-up is. At the CDC, I suppose we could invoke a Rovian conspiracy. However, the Alan Gutmacher Institute looks to be independent, and pro-choice.


See: http://www.agi-usa.org/media/nr/2005/05/19/index.html
for updated AGI report.

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