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March 17, 2005



Beats me too. I stopped reading the Times years ago.

I may click over if a blogger I trust links to them and says it's worth it. Otherwise, the NYT falls squarely in the "Life is too short" column.


Same reason I still listen to NPR: irremediable masochism. Well, I'm guessing.

richard mcenroe

You know, I'll bet that's the wink Clark Kent used to throw Lois Lane...

Pete The Elder

wilfully deceptive


If MoDo had been paying closer attention she would have seen the answer to her question in W's subsequent "You'll get your press pass" ear wiggle and his "when Hell freezes over" eyebrow twitch and his "you leftist attack cow" nose itch.


I thought Dowd wrote a satire column. You mean we are supposed to take it seriously?

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