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March 22, 2005



I believe liberals should look at the Wolfowitz appointment as a good thing. In the cold war the US
used the UN, the IMF, IBRD, etc, as instruments of US policy and despite some minor problems it worked well.
But it worked because of the cold war consensus in the US. Since the 1980s the US let these institutions languish and they were taken over by some weird peole and became very weak. Now, because of the War on Terror we have to go back to the cold war thinking and make these instutions effective and expand foreign aid for the very same reasons these were our policies in the cold war. Consequently, the Wolfowitz appointment marks a return to the liberal foreign economic policy of the pre-1980 era.

Juwanna Blowme

Jamie Rubin is betraying Kerry. We need to attack evey Bush proposal, nominee etc.. We should not cooperate with the Repugnants in any way shape or form. Resist Jamie Rubin, Resist!


Somehow, this maneuver helps Hillary. I wonder how.


Unnamed foreign leaders, however, may be opposed.

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