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March 30, 2005


Harry Arthur

It makes me proud to know that fine young women and men like SFC Paul Smith are standing on the wall doing the tough work while we pretty much go about our daily routines without worry.

SFC Paul Smith is a sterling example of the young people leading our wonderful troops in our volunteer military.

I only hope that we as a nation understand and appreciate the sacrifice of these outstanding patriots and their families who also pay a dear price for their loved ones' duty and service.

May God bless SFC Smith's family.

Cecil Turner

"C'mon, buddy, we learned that watching Heartbreak Ridge!"

One of the few accurate parts of the movie. I was stationed in Hawaii when it came out, on a joint tour, when the USMC decided to withdraw support for the flick on the basis of the foul language. During a coffee break bull session, one of the Navy (female) officers present suggested that was hypocritical: "the only resemblance between that movie and the actual Marine Corps was the frequency with which the "f-word" was used." I doubled up laughing--one of the most difficult transitions for me was cleaning up my potty mouth when transferring to the job (use of the vernacular was not encouraged).

A few months later I was seconded to protocol duties for the 50th Anniversary of Victory in the Pacific festivities. I had the privilege to salute several gentlemen wearing the little blue ribbon (with white stars)--and considered it an honor.

Probably unrelated, but some are not so respectful.

Chris L.

I learned about the Medal of Honor salute from Twelve O'Clock High, the best war movie ever made, imo.

If anyone deserves the honor, it's Sgt. Smith.


Thanks for the post.

And the broken-Don-link is in the html... it is to Inter-Dump.com. Check it out, good stuff there.


"the only resemblance between that movie and the actual Marine Corps was the frequency with which the "f-word" was used."

LOL. Watching that movie on cable is a hoot - every third sentences uses "clusterflop". Hmm.

And in Heartbreak Ridge, Clint led a fairly lacklustre Marine Recon unit. In The Rock, we learned that the men of Marine Recon eat nails and crap tacks.

I am going to go with The Rock on this one.


A look at Sgt. Smith and Fred Korematsu, each an American hero in his own way:


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