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March 04, 2005


pissed off Irish dude

What's going on?

I click on a link promising sultry Shaharazad action and you send me to Instapundit!? who in turn links to the Corner!?

You promise heaven and deliver hell.


I have to rally my spell-check and steal "sultry Shaharazad".

Oh, and heaven is where you find it (or at least, I heard that a lot as a kid growing up in New Jersey).

Cecil Turner

Glenn's point with that montage seems to be "who'd you rather hang out with?" Little does he know that the wheel the Syrian Soldier is kicking down the road is a replacement for one that fell off his party van on the last Damascus road trip. (Note the red rim, a dead giveaway.) Those guys are party animals. Sure, the Lebanese chicks are kinda cute, but all the hotties will eventually end up at the best party, anyway (admittedly there is some debate over cause and effect on that last point).

richard mcenroe

Anybody notice the Lebanese have a better class of press photographer than AP and CNN seem to in Iraq or Iran?

mollified irish dude

Nevermind. Firefox wasn't rendering the images.

But why pimp for the pundit? Post your own baba-ganoush cake!


I think you mean baklava, it's sweeter by far.


That's a really obnoxious comment. You obviously have a problem with a woman who wants to express her political views online.



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