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March 12, 2005



At least it isn't gross.

Dave Schuler

So now we've got the question. Have you come up with a good answer?


I have high hopes of delivering a devastating rebuttal when I get back to my high speed connection.

Or, maybe everyone will forget.


I can't figure out what you're talking about, but of course I'm a moron.


hmmmmm .... not looking too good there, TM


Tom Bowler

Maybe it's because I never use the word "silly". Or. Maybe it's a sign of my intense obscurity. Probably that. But I didn't find myself on the list. At least not in the first 20 pages, or so.


Well, if you include a last name, anything is possible.

But even with no last name, some truly puzzling results are possible.

Of course, there is the haunting "size" question.


Tom Bowler

Well if we're going to bring in last names, how about this? Don't I feel important!

Jim Glass

Yeah, well, the logs show my site is #1 of 613 produced by Yahoo for a search on: "percentage of men with hairy buttocks".


My list of "Things I Did Not Want To Know" lengthens.

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