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March 24, 2005



I never thought I'd hear China called "free" and "rich" by anyone but the CCP.


Wow. Ah... ditto AT.

I always knew that people had it really bad in North Korea but I honestly have to say that I didn't *know*. Can you imagine if one of those poor farm women made it to *Japan*?

Warmongering Lunatic

If only there were a way to solve the problem that wouldn't result in Seoul being levelled by artillery.


Well folks considering this article is from the New York Times, how do you know that this whole story isn't just another Jayson Blair Project?


Parts of China are very rich. And its slowly getting freer. But it's got a long way to go.


Re the wealth of China - I sometimes stand in the supermarket in disbelief, wondering what sort of a clown show they could be running that would leave them out of stock of whatever vital ingredient I am pursuing at that moment.

Normally, I start muttering something about shopping in 'effing East Berlin. Then I start muttering about what a jerk I am, and how much I take for granted.

Well, we lack the band-width for a full cataloguing of my inanities.


A few years ago I was living in Beijing studying Chinese at a university. There were some North Korean students there, and some South Korean students in my dorm. The NKs had their own classes, their own dorm, and their own guards and police minders to prevent them from talking with the South Koreans or from unauthorized wandering about (Beijing has a significant Koreatown made up of NK refugees). It did seem that China was a paradise of freedom and wealth compared to North Korea, to a level that the NK government felt it needed to tightly police its own students in China.

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