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March 08, 2005



OOOOOOoooooo .... a quiz ... I love quizzes

We ask progressives to consider, why have the Republicans not crashed and burned?"

"Why has the public not taken out their anger on the congressional Republicans and the president?" ... "We think the answer lies with voters' deeper feelings about the Democrats who appear to lack direction, conviction, values, advocacy or a larger public purpose."

(a) Andrew Sullivan - hmmmm ... no mention of gay marriage, though 'deeper feelings' has a certain homoerotic connotation ... also no spurious 'horrors of Abu-Grahib' or mention of an Award winner ... notably lacking an appeal for cash, a description of a personal sleep-related medical device and its effect on the boyfriend, or a beagle, ... ergo. probably not Andrew.

(b) David Brooks - hmmm ... no pop-soc implications or cutesy-wootsey neologisms like 'Dem-Dems' for 'Demerol-Democrats', so this quote is probably not Brooks... unless this is the Media Matters guy because their names are almost homophones.

(c) Jacques Chirac - hmmmm.... best named leader of a formerly relevant country ... Jacques Chirac .. sounds kind of like an outlaw from the old west "Blacque Jacques Chirac" as in 'Blacque Jacque Chirac walked into the saloon..." But, upon rereading the quote, the expression 'crashed and burned' is not in the French lexicon, their term translates to 'preemptively scuttled' so it's onto the fourth and, presumably correct choice.

(d) James Carville and Stan Greenberg - Carville and Greenberg, Greenberg taking on the Begala role. But I always get confused as to which one writes the libretto and which one does the score.

I'm guessing that the correct answer is (d)

What do I win?

richard mcenroe

Ooooh... I'm tellin' Oliver Willis on you...

Max Sawicky

Problem is Carville & Greenberg are getting their economic analysis from Bazooka bubble gum comics.


The idea of those two going off message is astonishing.

And here is a link to the Suddenly Shy Max's analysis.

One wonders whether Carville and Greenberg survived.

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