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March 23, 2005



Well - I would have guessed Karen died in the late 70s, but I'm not a judge. I do know that Abe Vigoda is still alive.

btw- congrats on teh "Justoneminute" coverage during yesterday's MSNBC "Pictures of Blogs on TV' segment.


Thanks for the link, though I think it points to my comments and not to my post.

Patrick R. Sullivan

I thought the reasoning was appalling before I read this. Now, it's not even up to the standards of a Barbra Streisand foreign policy proclamation.


I was on TV? I am actually thinking that is quite cool. And how much of my fifteen minutes allotment does this consume?


My guess is that Justoneminute was on screen for 15-20 seconds. The discussion was about Terri Schiavo in the blogosphere. Yours was the blog that followed Mark Kleinman's in their discussion.

The on-air personality seemed bemused that your blog is called 'justoneminute' ...

Jos Bleau

The judge was being honest. By the time he heard the case, the issue had become entangled in abortion politics and there was simply no way that he would rule agiinst Michale Schiavo.

If the witness had orderd a tunafish sandwich on whole wheat instead of whitebread, that would have been sufficient to discredit her testimony. Unless it turned out she ordered in the other way, in which case tunafish sandwiches were immaterial all along.

The witness would not have been found to be credible no matter what she said or how she said it, or what the judge said.

The minute the case was framed as "life for Terri = threat to abortion rights", her fate was sealed.

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