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March 06, 2005


richard mcenroe

You can see the Ministers' problem:

Republicans: We believe what you believe.

Democrats: But... we're Democrats!


I differ with the assumption that politics is what is going on in "conservative churches". "Conservative" churches (by which we must assume is meant fundamental and/or evangelical local Christian denominations) are by and large quite serious about their primary, and usually exclusive, role of preaching the Gospel. Yes, some local churches and even nationally known ministers (I give you Jerry Falwell) are overtly poltically right-wing, but for the vast majority it must be said that socially and culturally conservative attitudes of its congregants are a natural result of their spiritual views, and that their poltical stances flow from those. And certainly not the other way 'round.

Tomasky clearly shows his ignorance and befuddlement in, one, implying that the churches of which he speaks are anywhere near as politicized as the black churches the Democrats historically used as de facto campaign headquarters when those institutions went (as most still do) with the Dems; and, two, that all that is needed for the Left's ideas, such as they are, to flourish and conquer is a regular time and place to meet. Sounds lile a cell meeting, comrade. In the words of the great philosopher and social commentator, B.Bunny: "What a maroon."


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