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April 28, 2005


richard mcenroe

IIRC, doesn't Mfune have five children by five separate women? Some favors.


So exactly how much of this is really just payback from Julian Bond ?

D.B. Light

I think the most plausible source for this is Ben Cardin's campaign. He just announced for the Senate a couple of days ago and Kweisi is his strongest opponent. There are also a lot of people in the Maryland Democratic Party leadership who want Kweisi to bow out because polls show that he would lose to Lt. Gov. Steele [who will probably be the GOP candidate] while Cardin would win. The NAACP has had a lot of trouble with women extorting money in exchange for not charging sexual favoritism or harrassment.


Didn't really think about the consenting problem. I usually zone out during sex harassmant stuff because they usually tell us about the really obvious stuff, rather than the more complex situations. I'd probably stay awake if it wasnt always about chasing girls around the desk.

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