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April 29, 2005


John Thacker

And the World O' Crap person also repeats the incorrect, often-debunked Democratic meme about pollution laws getting easier and pollution going up under Bush. Reality-Based Community, eh?

No one should doubt that the Democrats favor quicker and greater pollution reductions than the Republicans (though there are cases where the Democrats oppose market-based trading systems that would bring equivalent reduction for a cheaper cost to the economy). But, as things like the particulate and diesel regulations have shown (and the unfairly maligned Clear Skies-- I believe you linked to the Washington Monthly article), the Republicans have also consistently favored continued emissions and pollution reduction. (There are a few cases where existing law has sudden massive cuts phased in at a later date, and the Republicans have voted to delay them or change the phasing in scheme. This tends to be called voting for more pollution, even though the amount of pollution allowed never goes up, merely doesn't go down as quickly as an old plan hoped for.) No wonder so few people know that the environment has steadily gotten better.


The abortions going up meme really didn't go too far (although correction never hurts). Even if the Sojourners article was correct, the magnitude of change could have still been noise.


Jor, if memoory serves you ought to be taking a bow - IIRC, I had no idea what lefties were going on about until you produced that study.

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