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April 26, 2005


creepy dude

So someone in the White House is being serviced by a male prostitute? It's Clinton's fault.

According to ex-FBI man and right-wing hero Gary Aldrich, as detailed in his Limbaugh promoted book-Unlimited Access, Mrs. Clinton decorated the White House Christams tree with condoms, 'pornographic ornaments' and sex toys, and gay and lesbian sex among staff was openly practiced in the Clinton White House. Sounds weird, I agree, but all the famous right wingers really went with those allegations.

So obviously there's a Clinton holdover practicing the old ways in the Bush White House, must be a randy assistant chef or something.

Danny Carlton

If you don't know whether his behavior is out of the ordinary, why do you refer to him as "faux-reporter"? I have yet to hear anything that would clearly define him as fake. Lots of reporters use "stage names" (Geraldo Rivera and Larry King to name but two) and lots of reporters have worked in other fields before they became reporters.


I'd take Danny's defense a step further and point out that "The Raw News" is as real a news source as many others out there.

I have yet to hear a single legitamate question raised about Guckert's bona fides as a reporter. It seems to me a blogger especially should be leery of allowing a particular interest group (whether Daily Kos and friends or anyone else) to define what constitutes a reporter.

Cecil Turner

"I have yet to hear a single legitamate question raised about Guckert's bona fides as a reporter."

Possibly the best criticism is that as a former prostitute, he was overqualified. (And since I have it on good authority that those guys typically do little in cocktail circuits but compare schwanz sizes, he was perhaps overqualified there, as well.)



If I ever win the lottery I'm going to start an online newspaper, hire Guckert and park in the White House Pressroom.


It'll drive the lefties absolutely mad.

And it'll give me a chuckle every morning.


So exactly who is Johnny Gosch ? What does he have to do with Hunter S Thompson ?

Personally, I fully expect to find out that J.G. is the son of Robert Byrd.


Maybe he did it for "De Lay"?

Excuse me, I have to go wash my mind out with soap!

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