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May 27, 2005



Heh, what Hillary means is that she doesn't know many Democrats with ambitions towards the presidency who support gay marriage in public.

What will Andrew say about this hate speech?

Tom Maguire

Fact Check has lots, including Stassen himself throwing in the towel.


Evident proof why Senators make bad Presidential candidates. If you told me those quotes were from John Kerry, I'd believe you. The senatorial technique is mastered when using the most words possible without making a point, or taking a position.


Not to change the subject, but are you following this: Reports coming out of Qinghai suggest H5N1 infections in humans and birds are out of control, with birds distributing H5N1 to the north and west, while people are being cremated and told to keep quiet.


It looks like the democratic party is lost in a fog of pretentious self-importance. Sad. I have no respect for anyone who has not left that group behind.


But apparently it's easier to be elected Senator than Governor, though Governor is the more well-travelled path to the Presidency. Give the woman some props for the sheer amazing chutzpah to go from First Lady to Junior Senator (of a state with which she had no prior relationship) with no lapse to... you know... develop a rep as an actual legislator in a State house or something.

My husband is afraid that if Hillary runs in 2008, all women of whatever political stripe will vote for her out of wild excitement that a "viable" female candidate is on the ballot. I say, "viable" to whom?

Thank G*d for the secret ballot, so that those who might break ranks and NOT vote for the silly woman won't be subject to repercussions for their betrayal.


"We may not have done as good a job, perhaps, in communicating it and connecting with people...."

Is it EVER going to dawn on the Dems that we hear them loud & clear, all right - we just reject that philosophy?

I wouldn't vote for this woman for dog catcher.

Sean P

Just for the record, I do appreciate her decision to stay away from the Kool Aid Michael Moore was passing around the DNC around this time last year. While it won't be enough to get me to vote for her, she has done a decent job of appearing sufficiently hawkish on national security.

Of course, the real test will be this time in 2008, when she is fending off a surprisingly spirited challenge from the left in the Democratic primary.


Laugh it up. Thanks to the Religious Right, Hill has a good chance in 2008

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