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May 26, 2005


The Kid

Perhaps are merely heeding one of the great Yogi's other sage bits of advice:
When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Mario G. Nitrini 111

This seemed to be a good heading for My Post. Just-one-minute, I hope You Don't mind. I saw that You had some OJ Simpson Case Connected Posts in the past.

I was Personally involved in The OJ Simpson Case. I had an Article written about some of My Involvement in the Case by Bill Boyarsky, and it was Published in the Times on June 23rd, 1995, and I was Also on David Bresnahan's National Radio Show in March of 2001. I have been Covered-up by Both Sides to the MAX for Reasons, and the Media has covered Me Up, for Reasons. I have also been in ALL the Camps Per se, The Criminal Trial and the Civil Trial.

I Post on "Smartfellows Press" (IAGO). We have uncovered New facts and Evidence regarding the OJ Simpson Case. Ther have Been some Astonishing Happenings just Recently that are connected to the Case and some of it's participants.

Thanks for letting Me share, Your Heading, It Ain't Over "til It's Over" really LEGALLY applies to MYSELF and The OJ Simpson Case

Thanks Again,


Mario G. Nitrini 111


Nobody's going to vote for the EU, it's too popular.

(BTW, I think obsessing about a criminal case in which the defendant was acquitted ten years ago is pretty much the definition of "it's over.")

Jim Glass

Whoever imagined the French would surrender a battle before it happened, eh?

Person of Choler

From one of Hugh Hewitt's insights: Its close and they can still cheat. The French government and French big business are pushing for ratification and both groups are famously corrupt.

It ain't Monday, so its not over.

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