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May 31, 2005



Officially on the other side...

Remember when the NewsMedia went nuts over the 'outing' of Joe Wilson's wife? She turned out to be a desk-jockey wife of an Ambassador... reeeeeeally secret... and Joe Wilson(D)'s Kerry Campaign website had to be taken down when it was revealed he lied because he in fact DID find out that Saddam was trying to add to his 400 tons of Niger Yellowcake bought from the helpful French neo-colonialists.

The story got buried even further when it turned out the leakers were the press...


"and guess what - a Freeper led the way!"

OK, what am I missing?

Cecil Turner

"Somewhat more seriously, how does this story fit the template that the CIA wants to embarrass Bush, and relies on a friendly press to do so?"

Perhaps not terribly well, but it certainly fits the template of the press (and particularly the Times) wanting to embarass Bush, and using politically motivated leakers at CIA to do so. And I'd submit those are two sides of the same coin.


Re the Freeper, this is buried in Dana Priest's WaPo story (to which I see I failed to provide a link - OK, kill me now):

On Oct. 26, 2001, Masood Anwar, a Pakistani journalist with the News in Islamabad, broke a story asserting that Pakistani intelligence officers had handed over to U.S. authorities a Yemeni microbiologist, Jamil Qasim Saeed Mohammed, who was wanted in connection with the October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole.

The report noted that an aircraft bearing tail number N379P, and parked in a remote area of a little-used terminal at the Karachi airport, had whisked Mohammed away about 2:40 a.m. Oct. 23. The tail number was also obtained by The Post's correspondent in Pakistan but not published.

The News article ricocheted among spy-hunters and Web bloggers as a curiosity for those interested in divining the mechanics of the new U.S.-declared war on terrorism.

At 7:54:04 p.m. Oct. 26, the News article was posted on FreeRepublic.com, which bills itself as "a conservative news forum."

Thirteen minutes later, a chat-room participant posted the plane's registered owners: Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., of 339 Washington St., Dedham, Mass.

"Sounds like a nice generic name," one blogger wrote in response. "Kind of like Air America" -- a reference to the CIA's secret civilian airlines that flew supplies, food and personnel into Southeast Asia, including Laos, during the Vietnam War.

Hmm, is the WaPo conflating commenters at Free Republic with bloggers?

Big Dog

That's what they did last time with the phony TANG documents and "blogger" Buckhead.

Steve White

I'm curious as to why anyone would think that people within the CIA would out what amounts to CIA operations. One could be the most rabid Bush-hater and still, I would hope, have enough sense to realize that one doesn't compromise operations. That gets people hurt, and I think (or more accurately, would like to think) that CIA people don't want to see their own hurt.

I don't doubt that the NYT hates Bush & Co. enough to write and publish this story. But I wonder if the leak(s) required to write the story with all the details didn't originate somewhere outside the CIA. Just a thought.

Rand Waldron

Why would they publish it? Because it is an interesting story. What other reason do they need? The people that deserve scorn (if anyone does) are the people that set up such a transparent operation. If a few NYT reporters can figure it out, sure as hell any other interested parties could too. We should thank the NYT for pointing out this transparent cover so that it can be fixed. The reaction to sloppy operations and tradecraft should not be “keep the flaws hidden” but “find it and fix it.”


"Mr. Bin Laden?" How cordial of the Times. I can just imagine “Mr.” Bin Laden wearing his custom tailored Armani Suicide Belt and carrying his Ferragamo Brief Case Bomb on his way to work in his high rise Pakistani mountain top office. How civilized!

Cecil Turner

"If a few NYT reporters can figure it out, sure as hell any other interested parties could too. We should thank the NYT for pointing out this transparent cover so that it can be fixed."

If they in fact figured it out, I'd agree. But this looks like a leak--either by a disgruntled CIA type, or perhaps by someone in a support capacity. Considering the relatively recent shakeups on the ops side, and the leakfest that prompted it, I think the former is a better bet.

creepy dude

You are correct that FreeRepublic is not a blog.

Typically on FreeRepublic, some "Freeper" will link to a New York Times story, decry the numerous idiocies therein, and then a parade of varyingly vapid right-wing gasbags will add their own increasingly distorted denunciations.

Whereas on Just One Minute, a certified blog, the exact same thing happens.

Paul Zrimsek

If you'll look behind you, Creepy, you'll notice that the door you came in through is still there.



What's the saying that comes to mind.........?


Cecil Turner

"Whereas on Just One Minute, a certified blog, the exact same thing happens."

Hey, I resemble that remark [buuurp!]. But I think the distinction was between a blog and a blog commenter, and the relative lack of accountability for the latter. (Especially all the creepy anonymous types--no offense.)

Jack is Back!

I think the most interesting development in the Plame outing may be the new revelation that an ex-high ranking FBI executive was 'Deep Throat'. And he evidently was driven to the press and not the AG's office because of possibly being passed over for the top job. Or, he was p.o. at the new FBI culture being brought in by the outside director.

Now, can that be what happened in the Plame affair? High ranking CIA types or State department types (no friends of this President) representing "Administration figures" doing the outing - letting Joe Wilson in on it pre-discussion with Novak - then setting up the Pres?

If it could bring down Nixon - why not Bush?

Jeff Hauser

The Plame case involved the administration attacking a critic. It also involved an issue -- Iraqi nuclear potential -- on which the Bushies had been deceiving for a quite a while. (why do you think Bolton was attacking subordinates?)

Here, the NYT is adding to the story of deeply unethical excesses the Bushies are perpetrating. That's what newspapers are supposed to do -- write stories adversarial to the powers that be on important & interesting topics.

There is nothing analogous b/w this report and either the Bushie anti-Plame/Wilson leak OR Novak's stenography thereof. (his stenography served power, rather than opposed it; cf. every "4th estate" or "freedom of the press" theory discussion)


I haven't seen one bit of evidence supporting leaks about Plame being a way of attacking Wilson. They are a good way of explaining why a hack like Wilson got the assignment to investigate Iraq's activities in Africa.

But this still begs the question of why did Wilson misrepresent his findings in Africa to the public and then fess up in his book about how serious they were.


Why would someone in the CIA leak details of operations? Well,for starters,there are those w/in the CIA who believe operations are wrong and should be stopped as too riskey,unneccessary and taking away too much money and effort from the real business of seeking and analyzing intelligence. There are those ambitious enough to sabatoge another's project(s). Those opposed to Administration policy might believe that stopping programs that help the policy might lead to a change of policy. Political foes of current Administration might believe that preventing the Administration from being successful will lead to their preferred Party winning next election.
What I have never heard explained is WHY did the CIA make such a feeble effort in investigating the Iraqi attempts to get nuclear bomb ingrediants from Africa? After all Iraq was a country that w/in the past decade the US had just fought a major war,had a previous nuclear program aborted by an Israeli airstrike,that had used chemical weapons against both its own people and in a war w/another country,had tried to assasinate a former President of the US,had tried to blow up the World Trade Center,had already been caught trying to smuggle uranium from Africa,and was almost daily trying to kill US pilots. A country we had fought a war w/less than a decade ago,that we were still engaged in combat operations against,that had used WMDs,that had tried to strike in the US,is reported to be buyiny weapons-grade material.and the CIA decides this is so important that sending a career diplomat to investigate is all they need to do? WTF?

Geoff Robinson

Al Jatimeza


In reference to the CIA's secret Airline:

Being in the aviation industry, actually I work in aircraft chartering, I would like to say that the article by the New York Times may seem like big news to the average "Joe", to people in the industry it is nothing new.

Let me elaborate a bit. Take for example me who am I??? A nobody, but I have been to many airports around the world and just as many people can tell the difference between a Jeep and a Ferrari, I can tell the difference between all types of aircrft.

So when I saw the Tepper Aviation plane sitting on a Middle Eastern Airfield 18 months ago before I even checked the registration I new it was operated for Americas 3 letter spy guys.

How? Well being in Aviation one knows that the C-130 is almost exclusivly a military aircraft and there are very, very few owned by private companies. They are expensive to operate. The spare parts are expensive, you need ex-military to crew it and it is an aircraft designed for military use so it isn't commercially appealing. The private companies that do use them have them for special jobs like forest firefighting and flying to remote frozen regions in Canada and Alaska in the winter that are otherwise "snowed in".

So back to 18 months ago in Amman, Jordan. I ask an average Jordanian working at the airport who drives a forklift, "whos plane is that?" he says the CIA and US Special Forces use it for secret missions in Iraq. Then he paused lit a cigarette and asked me "don't you work with them too??"

I said "What makes you think that?" and he said your American and you have an aircraft here flying cargo to Iraq. I told him no I don't "Work with them".

He didn't believe me, actually the more time I spent there the more my status with the airport cargo terminal workers grew. I was getting invited to share in tea and coffee they were constantly preparing and I supplied them with cigarettes so they would stay happy and load our aircraft.

Our aircraft were actually moving power generating equipment for a construction company. But to the Jordanians I was still CIA. I had the military airport security also offering me rides around the airport and asking me about "Secret Missions" and all sorts of stuff.

I could go on and on here and this is just one little example.

My point is that those who have proclaimed Jihad on the USA, its citizentry ,its allies and all its interests. Know what aircraft are US anyway.

All civil US aircraft start with the letetr N in their registration. So if I see a N registered aircraft in one of the worlds hot spots I already know it's American.

Take it from me. The aircraft and companies in the NYT article are not a highly guarded secret nor are they meant to be. They are just discreet aircraft.

Most Americans know a Police cruiser with its lights and paint scheme is easy to recognize. A black or dark blue unmarked Crown Victoria can have the very same police inside. a quick look at the larger bumpers, multiple antennas, tires let you realize it is a unmarked but still is equipped wit the "police package" . Why do police use these cars? - To be discreet. ....

Real CIA secret missions use aircraft bought, registered, and based in foreign countries. With a huge amount of former Soviet equipment on the market why use Boeing when you can pick up a cheap Antonov, Ilyushin or Tupolev............

sorry I didn't get to edit this for grammer or spelling!

Cecil Turner

"I would like to say that the article by the New York Times may seem like big news to the average "Joe", to people in the industry it is nothing new."

Any particular piece certainly isn't. When you put it all together, it suggests the reporters had help. (Though again, any competent support type could have provided the info.) I still suspect a disgruntled CIA ops type--though that may be my own bias.

"With a huge amount of former Soviet equipment on the market why use Boeing when you can pick up a cheap Antonov, Ilyushin or Tupolev............"

Yikes! Cuz then you'd be flying in a cheap Antonov, Ilyushin or . . . If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!

("Grammer" is a nice touch, BTW. You'll fit in well with all the smarty-alecks 'round here.)

Steven J.

"Well - one hopes the damage done by the Times in compiling all of this research into one executive summary does not represent a huge setback in our war on terror."

That would be Iraq.

Lurking Observer

Jeff Hauser writes:

That's what newspapers are supposed to do -- write stories adversarial to the powers that be on important & interesting topics.

Funny, I thought that the job of newspapers was to:

1. Report the news by
2. Getting the facts straight.

Instead, they're supposed to be crusading?!

Who knew?

Ron Newman

Why is the NYTimes or any other newspaper submitting a story to the CIA for pre-publication review?

A newspaper's proper job is to expose the CIA's deeds, not to protect them. If that causes a problem for the CIA, tough.


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