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May 26, 2005



They don't need the extra plumbing, just a place to apply makeup.


"restaurants, schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings are exempted"

What's left? Office buildings--where we know there are long lines to the ladies room, and sports stadiums--that get built every 30 to 50 years.

Gin mills and dive bars are usually unisex.

Anyone subject to the law, and wants to avoid the cost, will simply remove porcelain in the men's room to get to the 2:1 ratio.

Goodness, don't anyone tell the military, or Larry Summers, or Title IX gender-equality activists that there are actual differences between men and women. It's just not so!!

Brainster: Don't give the City Council any ideas--they'll start legislating mirror space.

The Kid

I didn’t read the article. Were the council members too flushed with victory to act commodiously?

Schools would seem to have a problem similar to sports stadiums: peak demand during breaks in the action (classes, innings, quarters, etc.). Office buildings wound generally not have the peak and trough phenomenon, but factories – where an assembly line is shut down for scheduled breaks – would.

But as the sitzpinkler movement gains traction in the West, the reign of the speedy stehpinkler will end, and the lines for the men’s room will be just as long.


You would wonder why people didn't do this on their own. This sorta reminds me of how places like Dunkin Donuts run out of cinamon rasion bagels by 9:00 am almost every day. WHY THE HELL DONT YOU MAKE MORE GOD DAMN BAGELS THAT EVERYONE LIKES instead of fucking nasty ass everything bagels? Obviously I didn't get my bagel today. But, I can sympathezie with teh ladies.

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