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June 24, 2005


The Kid

Yeah, but shouldn't the NYT have mentioned Cheney’s discussion of the the throes thingy? Some in the media have made much of the difference between Abizaid and Cheney.


Huh, Kid? It was on the front page today! In the very first line of the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/24/politics/24military.html.

Seems to me the media's got another "gotcha!" moment.

The Kid

Al -
You got it! My error.


(background reggae cabana music)


Tired of car bombs? Had enough explosions to last a lifetime? Are the “last throes” getting you down? Do you want true “liberation”?

It’s all here!

CLUB GUANTINAMO, that’s where! Located in the lovely “tropics”, the ? CLUB GUANTINAMO is a new, state of the art, facility that is constantly being improved by Halliburton to offer the latest in isolation therapy,

Yes. You can spend carefree years in the company of our interro….er…. fitness instructors who will show you the real meaning of “kicking back”. We have all the latest machines to stretch those aching muscles, deal with those nagging intestinal problems, and give you that energy to stand in one place for hours! We’ll show you the new meaning of muscular flexibility – even with your thumbs!

Tired of the crowd? No Problem! We offer isolation for as long as 30 days while we deal with that nagging facial hair and introduce you to a “clothing optional” atmosphere!

Phobias? Do you have to ask? We can deal with dogs, holy books, even menstrual blood. Give us your phobia – and we will beat it – literally!

Hate lawyers? CLUB GUANTINAMO is guaranteed to be lawyer free!

Our fitness instructors are as carefully screened as the girls at Hooters, if you know what I mean. (Wink) Our medical team will check you constantly; to make sure the therapy is working!

Are you saying, “But I’m not a terrorist!”

No problem! We work with taxi drivers and other nonprofessionals as well as the real pros. Our system is guaranteed to turn you into a terrorist – or DOUBLE your money back!

CLUB GUANTINAMO – if you ever leave, you will be a changed man!

* This offer is for persons of Arabic descent picked up by our personnel because they either appeared on a watch list of some kind or were randomly selected for reasons we are not telling. This program is intended for everyone from the professional terrorist to the terrorist wannabe. Our methods are patented, and therefore must remain secret. Any disclosure will be met with the strongest countermeasures – up to and including additional instruction.


Git on the Go to GitMo!

Oh, boy. Pretty good, Tex.

Paul Zrimsek

I'm still a little blissed out from my dehydration treatments at Camp Schiavo, but once they wear off I might give Gitmo a try.

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