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June 07, 2005


Karl SMGalbraith

Dean is just doing a fine job, thank you. The job of chairman of the DNC is to rally the base, increase fund raising and show an alternative vision for the country than the one currently be mishandled by the Bush White House.

To single out these inocuous comments as being indicative of anything subtantive really shows how bankrupt Republicans are.

KR er.. SMG

Harry Arthur

Sorry, I must have missed the vision thing.


On the only measurable part of Dean's job (fund raising), his performance thus far has been woefully inadequate.

Harry Arthur

If Dean's "alternative vision for the country" includes lecturing republicans on not understanding what work is and calling us the "white Christian party" then I guess you'd say he has a "vision". Maybe you meant he has "visions." But my question is where does he believe the democrats should take the country, should the American people chose to bestow them with the responsibility to make those choices?

Put another way, I'm having a problem understanding how Dean's "republicans suck" message constitutes a "vision".


"Vote for my health care plan, you racist, homophobic, fundamentalist maroon!"

Soon to be on a bumpersticker over at Buzzflash. The larger truth here is that if you insult and sneer at people, they are not so likely to vote for you even if they like you on other issues.


i am middle of road republican.
this lout wants my vote?

maybe before; not now

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

Dean is perfect for today's Democrats. Hopefully Dean will be DNC Chairman for a long, long time but, if not, the Donks always have Kucinich to take them that last inch to the Left.


Guys, please note the name and e-mail address in the first post.


I'll have to save my Swiftian wit for the office.


Harry Arthur

SMG, I had suspicions, but ... was overcome by the desire to be witty ...

richard mcenroe

Sure does need some fine tuning. We have got to get that health care reference out of there...

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