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June 17, 2005


Patrick R. Sullivan

Yet, Krugman opposes private SS accounts which would take control away from politicians to give it those whose money it actually is.

Also, he wants "Medicare for all".

Is there a Nobel prize for self-unawareness?

creepy dude

So Krugman writes: "Now, politicians and businessmen are always in a position to do each other lucrative favors."

And in todays paper I see: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Halliburton Co. unit will build a new $30 million detention facility and security fence at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the United States is holding about 520 foreign terrorism suspects, the Defense Department announced on Thursday.

Sounds like Krugman knows what he's talking about.

Beto Ochoa

So the Capitol Coin investment returned more than most of the rest of the portfolio and the owner profited as well? When has anyone involved with government investments not been a political player? The state invested and the agent did as he saw fit with the investment and this is different from other fund management how? One difference is the high rate of return. Would you rather have an investment that returned twentyfive percent with a fifth of the profits going to overhead or an investment that returned two percent with half going to overhead?
The other article smacks of racism by implying that minorities get political cover for misdeeds until they are too visible; then they are tossed out with the bathwater in order to obfuscate the real culprits. The fact that politics in our country corrupts those who indulge is not precipitated by one party control or ideology. It is a universal factor and abused best when citizens turn their heads and cough when the corruption is exposed because it's "Their Guys".


Irish - re Halliburton and Gitmo, at least the Administration has someone working there who has kept his sense of humor.

Now, if only Ken Lay can fly down for the ceremonial groundbreaking...

The other article smacks of racism by implying that minorities get political cover for misdeeds until they are too visible; then they are tossed out with the bathwater in order to obfuscate the real culprits.

Racism by whom?

creepy dude

Except that's not really funny TM, it's actually quite sad.

Paul Zrimsek

Red-state.com is all over this, and confirms Forbes' Democratic affiliation-- though it appears he either hasn't seen or isn't impressed by Lay's defense.

Beto Ochoa

Sorry to confuse the players. I was talking about the bureau using Mr. Lay as a scapegoat.


Thanks, Paul, and a great job by Red State.

And no worries, BO, "articles" was pretty clear - I didn't think you menat me or my man Paul K, but just wanted to check.


So, will The Krug throw his support behind Gov. Schwarzenegger's push in another famously one-party state to wrest control of those big fat pension funds away from the political appointees and give them to the people?

*Not holding breath*

Joe Mealyus

What an amazing post - when is JOM Cafe going to open? (I've been wanting to nominate the name Just One Wafer).

I did like this line of Krugman's:

"In effect, they're trying to turn America into a giant version of the elder Richard Daley's Chicago."

How it must have pained him to not have a good Republican example at hand, as his means of avoiding the donkey-in-the-room parallel of "Tip O'Neill's Washington."


when is JOM Cafe going to open?

Joe, we're going to sing up up! And I will blog anonymously at my own site under the new title "Just One Waffler" in order to steal typo-traffic from you.


TM: I'm sure you were shocked to discover my Cleveland roots, and political party affiliation--but having my identity blown will not prevent me from making future comments, herein.


Do you guys really think that prolonged one-party power is not going to lead to increased corruption? Does anyone honestly believe that? Given how in-line the whitehouse has the republicans in the senate and house, I mean, lets get real. One party-complete rule is bad whether its democratic or republican. You guys remeber "checks and balances", right?


George Forbes is a Democrat -- BIG TIME. He was president of Cleveland City Council for a number of years and effectively ran the city like, well, like Boss Tweed. Ironic, huh? Of course, such irony eludes Messr. Krugman.



"One party-complete rule is bad whether its democratic or republican. You guys remeber "checks and balances", right?"

Right. It specifically refers to the checks and balances established by the Constitution regarding the various powers granted the different branches of the federal government and state governments.

It doesn't mean, even slightly, checks and balances between political parties, which, some of us REMEMBER (catch the spelling), are not even mentioned in the Constitution, at all.

So, while you might have a debatable point regarding the potential for corruption in de-facto one-party states, your citation of Constitutional checks and balances as authority for your complaint is completely off point.

Regardless, Krugman is a putz.


Tim, I'm not talking about specific checks and balances -- but the idea of "checks and balances". People didn't always believe that government, or people in charge, needed any form of check or balance. God was directing them personally, and they could do no wrong.


Why isn't Krugman worried about New Jersey?
I am from Pittsbugh, PA - a stronghold of
the Dems - city is bankrupt. Enought said.
He,who is sadly tenured at Princeton, should
be asked:
What's the Matter With New Jersey?

"The message from Ohio is that long-term dominance by a political machine leads to corruption."....Paul Krugman

I think I have decoded his Nobel Prize. Remember the boys from MIT that programed a computer to write scientific papers using proper jargon, equations, charts and graphs combined into nonsensical and totally incomprehensible jibberish? Two of these very "professional looking and sounding" papers were selected for publication.
No one understood them but they were accepted by scientific journals. Think that is how Krugman won the prize. Problem is that now that he must use the vocabulary of
the laity, his insanity is exposed.
Note: I realize that Nobel Prize committee
is composed of socialists, which would
give anything Krugman proclaimed an edge.


I think it says something that Ohio is undoubtedly the only state with a statue of a man with a briefcase in its capital. It was probably full of money.

However, having said that, Illinois has been a very corrupt state for a century or so, and it didn't have one-party rule very often. In Illinois we have always had equal opportunity crooks. Now, Chicago, that's different, but it was crooked when it was run by Republicans, too.

And the state of New York is corrupt. New Jersey is incredibly corrupt. I seem to remember Connecticutt has had its problems.

Massachusetts. Can anyone say Big Dig? Kennedys? What's-his-name, "HoneyBucket" Fitz, father of Rose Kennedy?

Louisana? "Vote for the Crook. It's Important!" A succession of corrupt governors.

Paul, Paul, Paul: Maybe you should put off your Democratic blinkers for a bit and check in to this.


JorgMcKie, 300 million dollars corrupt?

satntorum's dog

God, what an asshole you are. Krugman rightly points out that things in Ohio are a mess thanks to corrupt GOP rule, and you go LA LA LA I can't HEAR YOU!

Joe Mealyus

"And I will blog anonymously at my own site under the new title 'Just One Waffler' in order to steal typo-traffic from you."

If I ever do start a blog, JOW would be almost perfect name - waffling is the core of my political philosophy. And I'm sure the traffic would be there to steal - everyone loves hard-to-follow prose and arguments that come to no conclusion.

Anyway to add to the hard-to-follow (and clueless)comments I've made here, let me suggest that the "cryptic" quality of this Krugman column disappears instantly when you take into consideration "style."

Read the first paragraph carefully:

"For one thing, it's an entertaining story that seems to get weirder by the week. More important, it's an object lesson in what happens when you have one-party rule untrammeled by any quaint notions of independent oversight."

For those who have argued for the "two Krugmans" theory, it's clear that the first sentence was written by Dr. Paul, the economist, but the second sentence was written by alter ego Mr. Krugman. What can one say to the idea that object lessons are more important than weird, entertaining stories? A muffled scream, perhaps.

And once it turns out that the object lesson has the upper hand over the weird story, the column is basically over. It's no use protesting that all sorts of relevant details are being left out - these elisions are necessary to the effective expression of Mr. Krugman's style.


Hmm, is there anyway we can differentiate between Redstate.org and this Red-state.com when referencing them? It's certainly not a big deal by any means, it just bothered this caffiene enhanced mind. BTW, good post :D


Hmm, is there anyway we can differentiate between Redstate.org and this Red-state.com when referencing them?

Until thirty seconds ago, I would have said "No", only because I did not realize there was a difference.

But you are a man of distinction, bro, so I'll see what I can do.


Just for the record, I live in Columbus. We hate the Yankees and I hate their AAA team that plays here.

As for Krugman and one-party rule, he's right. Take a hard look at Columbus and the rampant corruption had by City Council and the mayor's office -- all Democrats.


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