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June 10, 2005



Since NPR takes many of their cues from the NYT, they did a similar story on immigration yesterday.
In the course of the story the commentator commented on the large number of Spanish immigrants and children of Spanish immigrants. He stated that this must mean that there will be a higher need for bi-lingual education for these Spanish at home kids and his 'expert' agreed.

Of coarse, kids under five are best inclined to learn English in immersion, not to mention a good number of those kids were probably born here and already picked up rudimentary English from TV. My moved-here-at-age-twelve Russian girlfriend couldn't believe it.

The NPR commentator took it as a given that these children would need bi-lingual ed, though apparently non-Spanish speakers would have to continue learning the old fashion way, by immersion.


There is a boatload of circular reasoning going on in these exerpts.

Somehow more diversity equals more tolerance because it will result in a blurring of the racial distinctions of the past. Yet, diversity is a concept invented by the racial/ethnic police that insist on the right to champion and celebrate such group differences--to the point of resisting assimilation--which hardly qualifies as a blurring of racial distinctions. Quotas and reverse discrimination originate in a society that is highly sensitive racial and ethnic distinctions--not one that has been blurred into color-blindness.

Say what you will about immigration but this is just another example of politically correct indoctrination passed off as accepted wisdom. Junk social science is more like it.


Can someone please explain to me the virtue of diversity? I mean, was the former Yugoslavia somehow a better or more stable nation because of its so called diversity? Is the area we call Palestine somehow better because of diversity? I think America can do very well without groups that are adverse to tolerance, have just entered the 14th century, or believe their loyalties lie with some tribal imman.

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