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June 07, 2005



I think he is referring to citizens of "Red Sox Nation".


I resemble that remark.

Half Sigma

Obviously they are broadening the definition of "mentally ill" to encompass the normal.

If they keep at it, only the non-ill will be truly deviant.

Brad R.

I think he is referring to citizens of "Red Sox Nation".

Up until last October, that WAS a mental disorder...

Brad R.

Which reminds me, Tom- how're them Yankees doing?


The Yankees' glass is half empty (but is closing in on .500!)



"Up until last October, that WAS a mental disorder..."

My dad's been a Red Sox fan for 60 years.

I'm sure in a very short time the affliction will strike again. The Red Sox can be counted to be there when there's losing to be done.


Well, Chick Stahl was the Boston player/manager at the time;

Though they were known as the Pilgrims then and not the Red Sox.

A note left behind read:

"Boys, I just couldn't help it. You drove me to it."



Nothing wrong with me ... that means it gotta be YOU ...


"Did you see that? He's oppressing meeeee!!" is what springs to mind.

Sadly, when my 8-year-old comes home from school and instead of thinking, from the frown on his face, "He's had a bad day," I immediately think, "He's depressed." And a banner day for psychology and psychiatry, because it means that all the medical implications of that term have vanished among us lay people.

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