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July 08, 2005



"...discussed what to do with the information they had gotten from the State Department about Valerie Plame being Joe Wilson’s wife..." The fact that they were husband and wife had been published by both of them--by Wilson in his on-line bio, and by Plame on a genealogy website in which she not only listed her name as Valerie Plame Wilson by gave her e-mail address as Wilson's.


Cherchez la femme.

richard mcenroe

"Miller would not ask her sources to waive their anonymity. She said intelligence officials might feel coerced into admitting they had talked to a reporter."

— Because, y'know, that happens sooooo seldom...

richard mcenroe

Besides. everyone knows the Secret Order of the Stonemasons is really behind this whole mess... "Who made Steven Gutenberg... a star?... We do! WE DO!"


Here's another dot: Newsday broke the story back in 2004 that there were grand jury subpoenas for the records of the WHIG during the fateful month of July 2003, as well as for the records of phone calls from Air Force One -- Bush and who knows who from the WHIG were traveling in Africa at the time. (Very strangely, by the way, Editor and Publisher published a story about this a few days ago, then took it down as it had in fact been published originally over a year ago. Perhaps hoping to jog our memories.)


Now the Leftists are fuming that this was the fourth White House briefing in which no one asked about the Plame-Rove connection. They naturally consider this evidence that the White House press corps is too busy fellating W. to get around to it, or has been frightened into submission by Rove and McClellan swinging their ID cards around menacingly.

The Kid

In this post I argue that Pincus knew Plame’s identity and employer in June 2000. He learned it not from the Bush administration but from Wilson, and had used Plame in his June 2003 article.

Arianna, up to her old tricks, is as well informed as usual.


Any guesses as to why Fitz wanted the guest list to a White House party for Ford and Greenspan on July 13 2003?

Also, Fitz requested that the White House provide a missing transcript for a press conference in Africa between the Wilson article and the Novak article. Why is it missing, has it been found?

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