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July 11, 2005




"Whatever Wilson did or did not do, there is little doubt now that Rove was leaking from inside the White House"

YEAH! Cause when a campaign advisor is called on the phone by a journalist he should ever talk to him!

Impeach Rove now!
Hang him!
Send him to Gitmo!
Give him a coupon to Chuck-E-Cheese!

You know, in case this hasn't become rather obvious, endlessly repeating the same nonsense doesn't make it true.

But hey, keep trying. It's been working pretty well for you so far. I mean with that amazing succes in taking down that strongman of the GOP, Guckert.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'the pronoun did not bark'

Exactly. 'The analyst said' is awkward, it screams; 'she'.


It only would have worked if he had initially used 'she' then followed with the disclaimer.

That is so, but probably distressing to some because of the one-way nature of the rhetorical trick. Now, was his use deliberate or not? Was he drawing attention to someone, or was he merely muddying waters? Well, given that he hasn't been all that forthcoming, probably, it's just obfuscation.
So, it can be ignored. Maybe.


Memo to President:

Get Karl "Can We Talk?" Rove away from classified information YESTERDAY.

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