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July 17, 2005



I think this is what you are looking for




Here's a link to the article (assuming this is the correct one), and this is the author's commentary.

Joe Mealyus

Have you (or anyone) noticed the TPM post of July 16 10:44 PM quoting from a WaPo article of December 03 that mentions the Gannon/Wilson interview? His final question: "And how did it get into the hands of Jeff Gannon?"

I guess we won't be seeing Josh Marshall in a "what kind of man reads JustOneMinute" feature.

Joe Mealyus

Sorry, if my last comment was unclear, Josh M.'s "it" refers to a "secret document," not a rustling copy of the Wall Street Journal.

Joe Mealyus

"Although I do not write for a living, it is clear that folks who do are under a peculiar pressure - extremism sells."

But as JustOneMinute comments often prove, a blogger can write in the most even-handed and cautious of tones and his or her commenters will ignore that and bring their extremism with them. And it's all the same to the blogger in terms of rattling tipjars and enfilading blogads bringing in the dosh.

(No, I don't really have a point).


"Lies" is pretty strong, but Greg D. makes it pretty clear that Josh is peddling a storyline that is utterly compromised by the facts.


You can tell all you need to know about Josh Marshall by reading his Yellow Cake storyline from June through July of last year, as Joe Wilson disintegrated. Check it out. It won't take long.

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