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July 17, 2005



-"Don't overlook the useless, mushy qualifiers -they have a role to play in first-class reporting, too. Well, sometimes."-

So true. They have a role to play in first class White House Press Spokesmanship as well, of course.

Unfortunate McClellan didn't use some qualifiers instead of flat out saying Rove and Libby were't involved at all in leaking Plame's CIA status.

And qualifiers are necessary in first class lawyering too, no? Like in "My client did not knowingly leak classified information."

Come on, buck up. Your last post seems a little dispirited. You know Cooper is lying. It's true your party needs you to help confuse the issues now more than ever, but catching out the LA Times is a little too far afield.

Jimmy's Attack Rabbit

***Don't Feed the Trolls***

Thanks for high-lighting the LAT using unhelpful terminolgy. Economics will determine whether this apparent bias adds value to the Times's bottom line.


More worrisome than the bias is the grammar involved in that sentence.

The list of leading contenders to succeed Rehnquist contained mostly white men with conservative judicial records.

Was this some large bag-shaped list? One large enough to contain these white men and their judicial records?

I think the list contained 'the names' of leading contenders.

William Safire must be spinning in his grave over issues like this, and not just because the Language Maven is not dead.


What no liberal women of color?


richard mcenroe

Kim — You rightwing reactionary you. That should be gay unmarried womyn of color and caregivers to persons of youth.


How often did LAT point out last year that the Democrats' presidential ticket comprised only white men? And both of them filthy rich laywers in the U.S. Senate, too. Talk about diversity............

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