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July 30, 2005



The Mets are on their way to being swept by my surging Astros this weekend. Today's game is on my agenda for sure.

Funny thing, we had $1 hotdog night the other night at the stadium, and sold 52,000 hotdogs in a stadium that seats 42,000 people. I love baseball, its pure americana.

Joe Mealyus

"...with K-Rod morphing into W-Rod."

A-Rod is really the new Carl Yastrzemski - the "all-star from the neck down." But be that as it may, I find it objectionable that JustOneMinute is running silly (i.e. Yankee) baseball posts instead of linking to the Daily Howler - I had to stumble across it on my own - which seems to be picking up the JustOneMinute mantle in providing the best commentary (or spin-parsing) on the Plame case.

Oh well.

Jim Varney

Funny to see those who play at, 'the stadium,' described as, 'the varsity,' because the last time I was at, 'the stadium,' Pedro sawed off bats left and right and the Mets took the first game in a series they would eventually win. Not bad for the 'JV!'


Reading the Times' article about the diversity of the Mets, one has to wonder at the reason baseball was dropped from the Olympic Games. At least one wonders until you realize there are no old Europeans in the mix. No French, no Germans, no Spaniards. (Hispanic doesn't include Spain!) They don't play the game so they'll take the bats and balls away from everyone who does.


Good call about the Daily Howler (who has buried Wilson at various times in the past). If Somerby is with me, who will stand against me?


It could be.....it might be.....it is,.....a home run,...by Bob Somerby on 7/30 against the Howling Mob.

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