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August 19, 2005



Why so gloomy? Is discrediting the 9/11 commission more important than the, er, facts?


Good point! Actually, finding out (for the umpteenth time) that our elected reps are delusional, self-promoter is troubling.

Mark Coffey

Tom, as you've said here in another post, I'm still of the mind that a Senate investigation is in order...let's see where the chips fall when we gather all the relevant parties together and put them under oath...


this is good. nobody screeching or demanding that people be hunted down. we can afford to be a bit obsessive when it comes to our security. if there is no story ok we looked. and i know i should be tired of saying this , but heck , they had photos and activity time lines of atta, on or around sept. 12th. there i torment you with that factiod once again. but at least it seperates me from the tin foil gang.


Just to give my 2 cents!

I think having read that in cases in which the DoD thinks that they might have crossed the "Posse comitatus" rigths of an individual, their policy is to destroy any info relative or erase any reference to that individual. Could this be the reason for the "redacting" of the names as mentioned above, and the "inability" of the DoD to find any reference to Atta and his "friends" in any of the Able Danger documents at this time?
Does this make sence or am I all wet?

There are also many allusions to the "Gorelick Wall" in the blogs. I think that is should more correctly be referred to as "the Clinton Wall". I believe that Gorelick was the "architect commissioned by President Clinton" to erect the wall.
Washington being a "company town", I also believe that the effect of the "wall" was more intrusive than just a barrier, it was a "culture" that ended up permeating all government agencies as inevitably, lawyers from all agencies heard of it as well as of who enginneered and enforced it.

I pray that the Able Danger documents corroborating the Able Danger team members will be found so that we might actually move forward. Otherwise, with all the CYA going on if all we end up with is the word of the AD team members (even if they all come forth), I am afraid that the bureaucracy will find it a vindication to keep sitting on their hands and obstruct any progress.

Thomas Jackson

I remember that documents that government found to be embarassing had an unusual habbit of disappearing. Especially documents that weren't on general distribution that might not be recovered.

Anyone who believes that two military men are risking their careers just to smear the commission might be interested in some swampland I have for sale that would be perfect as a vacation home site.


It would be helpful to know what Sandy Berger stole from the National Archives.


Hang him from his thumbs until his tongue loosens. He has not been sentenced yet.

It makes little sense that Berger risked shame, imprisonment, and ruination of career to hide the extemporaneous ramblings of Clinton's inner circle about the Millenium plot, even if there were damning information and information we need for our future safety. Since we don't know what he took, for our own safety, he must say. The fact that he took stuff is admitted. What he took is not certain. I don't know how you make certain that he reveals what he took, but he should not circulate in civilized society until it is all hashed out.

Does anyone know if any Able Danger stuff was in the Archives? Did Able Danger identify the Millenium Plotter? Anyway to find out?


I doubt it. From my read of the tea leaves, the ABLE DANGER files would be located inside DIA. If the 9/11 Commission only requested AD files from SOCOM, then it's no wonder they came up empty-handed.


But with respect to the Millenium plotter Clinton's national security clique may well have discussed issues tangentially noted by Able Danger. Let's not forget that the Berglery happened just as the 9/11 Commission was becoming aware of AD. At least at the time that the STAFF becoming aware. Presumably Zelikow and others(data was requested) had already heard but the significance then might have been lost in the noise of combat.


How Able Danger could have uncovered Atta's name and obtained his photo and a question: Isn't is possible other intel data mining operations did this, and had this info too?

[b]First, if Able Danger cross-referenced Arab males who flew to Pakistan in 1999 and Arab males who subsequently requested a replacement passport and then applied for a US visa, it would have come up with a list of Arabs possibly seeking to hide trips to al-Qaeda facilities in Pakistan and Afghanistan from US authorities. Such a list would include both the names of Atta and al-Shehhi.

Next, if the resulting list was cross-referenced with applicants to US flight schools, Atta's name would come up 31 times, as he applied to 31 flight schools. The reason Able Danger might elect this criteria was the 1998 accounts that Osama Bin Laden planned to train pilots for crop dusting and other agriculture tasks.

On that short list now would be Atta and Shehhi and if Able Danger had a liaison with German intelligence, it could further learn the address both men used, 54 Marienstrasse in Hamburg, had been under police surveillence for possible extremist Islamic activities.

Finally, if the short list had been cross referenced with US visa applications in 2000– Able Danger would have turned up the person that Atta and al-Shehhi gave as their point of contact in America. If that name had also been given by other suspects, Able Danger would have reason to consider that Atta and al-Shehhi were coming to America to join a conspiracy. The visa applications could also explain how Able Danger had Atta’s photograph on its chart of the cell, as described by Captain Phillpott. (The 911 Commission had no opportunity to examine Atta and al-Shehhi’s visa applications because in 2001 they were destroyed "according to routine document handling practices" by the Department of State.)[/b] [link=http://edjayepstein.blogspot.com/ newwindow]edjayepstein.blogspot.com/[/link]



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