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August 04, 2005



"even Bob Somerby doubts Joe Wilson"

In some respects Somerby supports Wilson ("No, Joe Wilson didn’t really say that Dick Cheney sent him to Africa"), and in some respects he doubts Wilson. However, Somerby's analysis in this regard has some odd lapses. For example, here he accuses Wilson of using a straw man when he says Plame did not make "the decision to send me to Niger." Somerby correctly points out that SSCI didn't claim that she did. But Somerby oddly neglects to mention that Rove apparently did make exactly that claim, that Plame "authorized" the trip (see Cooper's email). So in fact Wilson wasn't responding to a straw man. Wilson was responding to something Rove said. I could point out other errors. The errors are especially surprising because in some ways Somerby is very thorough.

By the way, a very odd characteristic of this post by Somerby is that he refers to a Paula Zahn interview, and suggests Zahn asked a question on this subject (did Plame suggest Wilson for the trip). But Zahn did not ask such a question. In fact, Somerby directly acknowledges this when he says "Zahn had never mentioned this topic at any prior point in the interview." Yet a few paragraphs later, Somerby says "Question One: Did Wilson’s wife suggest his name?"

In other words, it looks like Somerby wasn't getting enough sleep, because he contradicts himself.

So even though Somerby's analysis is better than some, he makes some odd mistakes which undermine his conclusions and his credibility.


I think you missed Bob's point. Why am I surprised?


Quaff deeply, my friend, it seems such a waste of a capable mind.


Go rest, then forage, Young Man.

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