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August 14, 2005



Cherchez la femme, mais on prefere AAA; des avocats, des armes, et de l'argent.


I understand it all except about the avocados.


That's for face cream, to camouflage their real intent.


Well then you look up the etymology of avocado sometime.


here: I'll save you the clicks:

[American Spanish, alteration (influenced by obsolete Spanish avocado, lawyer), of Nahuatl ahuacatl.]

Word History: The history of avocado takes us back to the Aztecs and their language, Nahuatl, which contained the word ahuacatl meaning both “fruit of the avocado tree” and “testicle.” The word ahuacatl was compounded with others, as in ahuacamolli, meaning “avocado soup or sauce,” from which the Spanish-Mexican word guacamole derives. In trying to pronounce ahuacatl, the Spanish who found the fruit and its Nahuatl name in Mexico came up with aguacate, but other Spanish speakers substituted the form avocado for the Nahuatl word because ahuacatl sounded like the early Spanish word avocado (now abogado), meaning “lawyer.” In borrowing the Spanish avocado, first recorded in English in 1697 in the compound avogato pear (with a spelling that probably reflects Spanish pronunciation), we have lost some traces of the more interesting Nahuatl word.


What a peach of a piece of precursorese, Martin, thanks for the fruit of your flourishing etymological knowledge fertilized entomologically. I'll make it my avocation to be your advocate, at least in these matters, to which we vocalize. Argumentum ad vocum, or something like thatum.

richard mcenroe

Kim -- The rough American translation, courtesy of Warren Zevon: Send Lawyers, Guns and Money


Or Shysters, Gats, and Loot.


No teases. Give us at least a hint of what Richardson's troubles might be. I'm not sure that affairs are any longer a disqualifier. If Guliani runs, we may find out. Now, Guliani vs Richardson; wouldn't that get a lot of panties bunched on all sides?


I think TM has wisely limited his comments to repeating statements by someone who he had reason to believe would know the truth.

That's your free legal advice for the day.

As for Rudy, the dirt on his personal life (as far as family life and sex) is both extensive and well-known, if unverified in a few particulars.


As Joe E. Brown said to cross-dressing Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot:

Well, nobody's perfect!

Only the best movie line ever.....possible.


Let's Rock the Boat, Honey!

richard mcenroe

So he revels in the joys of fornication. A grand Democratic tradition upheld! Luckily, it's a very dry state...


The sqeaking hot springs of politics get the grease. Truth and consequences.

Les Nessman

At least Richardson is ahead of the curve on 'talking about' illegal immigration. That puts him ahead of almost all Democrats and, well, almost all Republicans, too.


In the late '70's my spouse and I were driving down a somewhat remote but paved highway in south central New Mexico in the middle of the night, heading west and north to Silver City and the Gila Mountains when the landscape exploded in strobes and loudspeakers 360 degrees around us. I thought, My god they've gone to a lot of trouble to bust us.

Well it was the border patrol, and they turned us loose almost immediately. Wrong quarry. Unforgettable.


"But what do I know?"

Obviously, you don't know anything, but nevertheless are willing to slime through insinuation.


Well, what he knows is hearsay, which doesn't necessarily falsify it, merely hinders its acceptance.

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