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August 05, 2005



But you also need to account for the fact that 3 of the Yankees "road" games were played at Shea.

For the Yankees, (38,140 * 51 - (35,000 x 6) - (55K x 3)) / 42 = 37,384 attendance at non-Fenway road games played outside the NYC city limits.

The Yanks are still tops, but the margin of victory is getting tighter. And they still have to make 2 more trips to Tampa Bay.


The Times' incompetence is not bounded by mere partisanship.

Good catch.


How about a statistic that measured unfilled seats during road games (capacity - attendance). With this metric, lower would be better and teams wouldn't be penalized for playing in small stadiums on the road.

Both the Yankees and Red Sox would get 0 for their games in the other's parks.

Christopher Taylor

Actualy right now the Cardinals are the best show, but I understand brand loyalty.


Just wait until Beltran gets hot, then you will see the Mets move ahead of the Red Sox and the Yankees! [/sarcasm]

Steven J.

(ahem) Another 86 years!

Devin McCullen

I'll point out that the Yankees managed to come up with the best overall road attendance in prior years in the unadjusted numbers. So in any case, the Yankees are doing worse and the Red Sox are doing better. (Met fan - no dog in the hunt.)

Steven J.

(Met fan - no dog in the hunt.)

No dog at all.

Ben Z.

For another example of the press misinterpreting attendance stats, see King Kaufman's latest column on Salon.


Of course the Yankees draw less than their road average at Fenway - it's the smallest park in baseball. If Boston's home capacity is about 34,000, maybe 35,000 tops with lots of SRO, that's still about 10,000 less than the AL average.


Ah, you're just sore about a certain 6'-10" southpaw's pitching perfomance(s) this season. Maybe Johnson can get a few outs when he faces the KC Royals.

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