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August 26, 2005


Am I A Pundit Now?

Heh, is that an admission that you are a right-wing crazy?

Well, call me unplacated too!


Well, I'm implacable, so there.

Am I A Pundit Now?

Er, yeah, what Kim said.


What's with Specter these days? He's firing off letters and sticking his nose in everywhere--first Rumsfeld and Chavez, now this. Doesn't he have enough to do with the Bolton appointment?

I trust him about as far as I could throw him, which is not very far.


Not Bolton, Roberts. You know what I mean.


i can't belive that the counter to digging for the truth is that only wingers are interested in this. thats why old media and some in washington don't get it. this is not a right left issue. and if spector gets bogged down he can always rely on scottish law.

Jim O'Sullivan

It's a way for Spector to grow himself some national security chops without alienating anybody important. Hey, once that "I could be president" bug bites, it's worse than Lyme disease. I think it takes more than cancer to get rid of it. And let's not forget, he was bitten


I think he wants to be Biden's SecDef in an alternate universe in which Biden becomes president.


By the way, civilian contractor James D. Smith was shown on Fox News Special Report, answering questions and corroborating the AD affair.

Again, this is an issue of national security and not a left/right issue. So let's look at it as Americans!

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