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August 25, 2005



FWIW - methane is swamp gas, so maybe "Titan Rain" is swamp gas, too. You read it here first.


I'm wondering if moonbats flit as well in methane as elsewhere.

Bill Arnold

I wonder how much of this is just Chinese free enterprise in action, e.g. spammer & denial of service network builders assembling collections of compromised Windows machines.


Who knows? Googling get's you way off course, and it's difficult to breathe. Where's my towel?


Alternative view - these networks are attacking *everyone*, but since the military doesn't share data, they are taking it personally.


IT Bloggers are swarming to this.

Oh, and Bill Arnold was on the trail suggested by the earlier link - please pardon my redundancy.


They have been able to trace the attacks to a central router in china. After hacking the router and adding a bug it appears that the attacks are originating from only 10 ips on the same subnet and the attacks are constant 24/7. Sounds like Chineese gov work to me.


Why don't we go after the Cyberspies? I think that if these people are breeching our government, then they should be prosecuted.


We're going to get nuked by China someday soon anyway, so it doesn't matter. No, I am not claiming to be a secret Government agent that has picked up this data through "intelligence". I am just a simple guy that knows how much our own Government likes to piss other Governments off. China, for example. So, I wouldn't be worried about being hacked by China, when there is certainly more to worry about than that.


I think you've been dipping into the Turtle Bay Soup a little too much latlely.

The Chinese have no desire to nuke us. No way they're gonna pedal rather than motor. But the Iranians, who are self-destructive, soon will be able to nuke Israel and Europe.


Here's a little uncertainty principle business in action. The act of observing the Chinese with datamining has provoked observation in return by the Chinese Able Danger.


Some little birdie should whisper to the ayatollah that Allah has lent Bush his ears on the condition that they only be used to preserve civil order, and not to invade the privacy of the innocent. The lovely thing about it is that that is the received truth.

La illah ha il lala, dangerablar rasullah lah.


Look, instead of forcing the Chinese to build a wall to keep the barbarians out, nature gave them a moat. The Pacific Ocean.

And I've an elegant solution to the immigration problem here. Simply unify the Americas. It'll happen sooner or later, anyway.

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