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September 17, 2005



Why should something as important as this be put in the hands of the Judiciary committee? Haven't we just seen enough of those clowns?


Didn't I say something about the powers that be want these lessons learned quietly?

What irritates me about that is that we need a loud, public discussion of privacy and public order. The 21st Century is a brave, new, world and some of the old rules no longer apply.

I mean, imaging could have looked inside Bush's bladder the other day at the UN.

And I can look inside your mind. Well, if not me, someone can. Ask any advertiser.


Anyone smell putsch?


In the history of man, with few exceptions, when a better tool is invented, the old gets laid aside, not the new.


What, and let you see my genius at work??

I don;t think so!



Sh, I'll protect your privacy.


I'll protect your privacy, said the spider to the fly. I'll wall up everything I have on you.


Destroy information? Savonarola rocks.


In an UPDATE, I smell cover-up of the non-cover-up.

Friends don't let friends drink (four cups of coffee) and blog.


Ooh, it irritates me that Berger is beyond jeopardy. What are the chances he didn't know anything about Able Danger? What Libraries was he hanging out in right about when the 9/11 commission was getting apprised of Able Danger? When was he outed?


OK, they anticipated Cole, they anticipated 9/11. Try to explain to me that this is not a vital defense tool. Try to convince me it's been thrown on the ash heap of history.

Yeah, along with that famous bridge.


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