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September 24, 2005


Rodney A Stanton

Hadley sounds a lot like Sandy Berger. In more ways than one. Which only proves there lying liberals in *both* of the major parties. The Dems do not have the market for liberals cornered.


When I grow up, Mommy, I wanta be a Plausible Denier.

Pat Joy

I side with Hadley. Remember Weldon said he handed the chart and never saw it again, but used a chart at a national press brieffing in 2002 with Atta on it and said it was the chart. Then in 2005 said he forgot all about the chart from 2001 until in came up in a hearing and he writes a book at the dsame time. Weldon seems all over the place.


Datamining by our government must be done by identifiable public servants. If the 'insisders' are not identified, how can one be sure their information is being used legitimately? There also should be some mechanisms by which private dataminers can be identified and limits placed on what and where, probably why too, they can search.

Good luck regulating that or even understanding. Ostensibly, our government gave up on trying to keep the process aboveboard. So where are we now? Spied on secretly by our government or spied on secretly by others from whom our government can't keep us safe?

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