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September 01, 2005



Sorry, left this on the wrong post. I did try and email you this when it came out. I see you focused in on what I did.

Cheers, AJStrata


Follow this link to a speech from Rep. Weldon 12/03. The money quote:

"So in October of 2000, October of 2000, in my office, sat John Hamre (Number 2 man at the Pentagon), the Deputy Director of the FBI, and the Deputy Director of the CIA. And we briefed them on something we called the National Operations and Analysis Hub (NOAH), which I didn't design. It was done by intelligence people who knew the need.

We went through the whole capability. Hamre said, "I'll pay for it." Eight pages of material. It will bring together all 33 classified systems that exist in the federal government, only using external data, not spying on Americans. And the FBI and the CIA, in October of 2000, said, "We don't need it. We're doing good work on our own. We don't need that capability." Now, the Marine Corps took that example, and down at their headquarters and special ops headquarters, they developed a prototype also, and used that data. In fact, a year before 9/11, we had a complete profile of al-Qaeda. In fact, I took that down to the White House, and showed it to a person who will remain nameless. When I showed him the document, it was given to me by special forces command. He said to me, "Congressman, where did you get this from?" I said, "I got it from the military." He said, "I've got to show this to the man." I said, "Who's the man?" He said, "You know who the man is. The man in the Oval Office.""

Now who is the Clinton Goon and does BJ know about this? Berger? Clarke? Gorelick?


OK, good job by Ernie, but...

Without even looking, that quote from Weldon - "I've got to show this to the man" - is how he described his meeting with Stephen Hadley when he handed over the chart after 9/11.

Here is Newsmax


Damn your good. That is why I am only a pontificator, and you have an XLNT Blog.


Is it plausable (unlikely?) that Weldon gave a copy to an unamed WH Official in 2000, AND to Hadley in 2001?

OK, so the WH Official in 2000 says "I've got to show it to the man in the Oval Office" (Clinton), and Weldon "paraphrases" Hadley in 2001, since the 2000 memory is seared, seared in his .. nevermind.

Is Weldon really a kook? I have dug up at least a dozen speeches of his in the last three years, and he relates the same two stories, all relating to AD and Kosovo over and over.

I still think A. Spector is playing a bigger role in this. He Chaired the Select Intell Committee in the late 90's, and now calls for a hearing. He knows something...


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