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September 30, 2005


Geek, Esq.

The Great Choke, Part II.

Just give Papi the MVP.


The only satisfaction I took from tonight's debacle was in the ninth. Two outs with Boston up 5-3, Cano on first, Jeter at the plate, and A Rod on deck.

Red Sox Nation was split - half believed that Jeter would homer to tie it up, and half believed that Jeter would get on base, A Rod would homer to put the Yankees up, and Mariano would walk in to end their suffering.

Oh, well - that moment of fear was my only moral victory.

That, and Cleveland failed to score with the bases loaded and one out.

Geek, Esq.

What happens if Cleveland, NY, and Boston are all tied?


In a 3 way tie, NY and Bos play one game to pick a division winner; the loser plays Cleve for the wild card.

I haven't checked, but I assume that it is because, for Bos and NY to finish tied, NY and Bos will have to split the head-to-head at nine each. Otherwise, that game would not be necessary.

And I am now a big White Sox fan, since they won 3-2.

Geek, Esq.

Actually, if they finish tied, the Yankees would hold the edge 10-9 H2H.

The H2H edge would mean that the Yankees would host the play-in game.


The Baseball Crank posted on this very subject, but there is obviously a subtlety I don't grasp. From MLB:

Scenario #5: If three Clubs in a League are tied with identical winning percentages at the end of the championship season and two of those tied Clubs are from the same Division and are also tied for first place in that Division and the third tied Club has the highest winning percentage among the second-place Clubs in the remaining two Divisions, the Division Champion shall first be determined by a one-game playoff on Monday, September 29. Any playoff games played to determine a Division champion shall not count in determining which Clubs are deemed tied for a Wild Card designation. Clubs that were originally tied with a Club or Clubs for a Wild Card designation shall still be considered tied. Example of Scenario #5: The Houston Astros, St. Louis Cardinals and Florida Marlins all have identical winning percentages at the end of the championship season. The Astros and Cardinals are tied for first place in the NL Central and the Marlins have the highest winning percentage among the second-place Clubs from the NL East and NL West. The Astros and Cardinals would play a one-game playoff on Monday, September 29. The winner shall be declared the Division Champion. Despite the loss, the losing Club would still be considered tied with the Marlins for the lead in the NL Wild Card. Those two Clubs would play a one-game playoff on Tuesday, September 30. The winner of that game shall be declared the Wild Card.

OK, I guess I get it - if Cleve and Chi end up tied, they will both make the playoffs, so head to head is used to pick a division winner. (If Cleve wins three and ends up tied with Bost, who also must have won three, then Cleve amd/or Chi beats the Yanks for the wild card anyway).

However, if NY and Bos end up tied with each other *and* Cleve, head to head goes out the window, because the two teams from the same division may not both go to the playoffs.

So, Yanks host Bos, loser plays Cleve.


The H2H edge would mean that the Yankees would host the play-in game.

Right result, wrong reason. The host in the tiebreaker games NOT determined by regular season contests, but by a coin toss (held on Sept 12 this year).

Boston at New York
New York at Cleveland
Cleveland at Boston

On the other side, if the Phillies manage to get to a tie with Houston (go Cubs!!) the Phillies will host the tiebreaker, even though they lost the regular season series.


3pm central, Astros vs the Cubs, Clemens pitching. That should be a great game, the ballpark rocks when Clemens is on the mound.


Well, with the pennant race now over, TM can devote full attention to the Plame matter.


The whole thing just gives me a giant ice cream headache.

I mean, what the guacamole has Judy Miller been doing? There's no logic or rationality to be found.


Geek, Esq.

The White Sox are asserting their authoritay.


I am now a Cleveland fan.

(Just to slow the Red Sox march to the playoffs, natch).

Dawn Witlin

Hi, my name is Dawn Witlin and I am a reporter for the Boston Herald. We are looking for die-hard White Sox fans for an article this weekend.
Anyone wanting to contribute please email me: [email protected]
or call the city desk:


Say it ain't so, Joe.

Mr. Plame to you.

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