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September 17, 2005



What? No Chalabi?

Jim E.

The Brokaw quote in the piece is particularly nauseating.


I can't figure out if she's protecting Chalabi herself, or herself from Chalabi.

Crew v1.0

Reporter character explaining to the gumshoe main character Bruce Medway in Robert Wilson's novel "The Big Killing" about information that he somehow has come into possession of, but doesn't know how or from whom:

" '...That's why I don't know how I got to know about it. It kinda flew into the circle of journalists I was with like airborne bacteria; we all caught it, but nobody knows where from.' "

richard mcenroe

I see the market here for a breakout reality show: "Celebrity Visiting Hours!"

T. Miller

Perhaps Ms. Miller's visitors have included Pulitzer Prize judges evaluating her NY Times articles about WMD's. But these would not be judges for one of the journalism categories; instead, they would be considering her for the Fiction prize.

Of course, the prize would need to be shared with her friends from the Office of the Vice President and Office of Special Plans, plus Mr. Chalabi.

richard mcenroe

Ah, so Rove wasn't getting any traction so now it's Chalabi... again?


The phony six-week campaign of leaks foundered on shallow analysis of meager data. Oh those vain posters sure of the meaning of all that verbiage.

Jim E.

"Oh those vain posters sure of the meaning of all that verbiage."

Does this mean kim takes back her certainty that Joe Wilson -- and not any White House officials -- is somehow the main bad actor in all this?


Today Editor& Publisher debunks the plea deal shtick floated last week. Her lawyer denied having any discussions with Fitzgerald and suggests Miller may not be released at the end of this grand jury's term because Fitzgerald is seeking the empanelment of a new grand jury.


T.Miller (any relation?)

"they would be considering her for the Fiction prize."

::yawn:: Blame everyone for believing the CIA. But heaven forbid you blame the CIA for getting it wrong.


Well, no, Jim E, Joe Wilson wasn't the subject of bi-weekly leaks.

Bi-weekly leaks attempting to draw attention away from what a villain Joe Wilson is and was.

And while I'm not sure of the meaning of all my verbiage, I am sure of Joe's villainy. He reeks of it. Maybe there's a bottle of it in his medicine cabinet.

Jim E.

"I am sure of Joe's villainy."

But of course.


There's grey poop on Joe.


And purple fingers digging into his shit.


The Proctologics of Truth.


I'd really like to know if Val is the innocent bystander in this wreck. If they're in it together, they are already serving their sentences.

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